What Are the Useful Methods for Scleroderma Treatment?

Different people may suffer from different types of scleroderma. It occurs in different stages and it is important to determine the stage of scleroderma for getting the right treatment. On the basis of your symptoms, stage and type of scleroderma, your physician can suggest you a customized treatment for your scleroderma. There are some important features of this disease and it is important to know these factors. The factors that determine the disease include: stage of inflammation, autoimmune dysfunction, presence of vascular disease and extent of fibrosis in the tissues.

There are two types of inflammation. In the first type, there is joint inflammation, inflammation of the muscles, inflammation of heart and inflammation of the lungs. Generally, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are given for this stage of inflammation. In some cases, people do not get relief from NSAIDs. In second type of inflammation, there is inflammation of the skin and other tissues. This type of inflammation is not relieved by anti-inflammatory remedies. Some doctors also prescribe immunosuppressive remedies to restrict the progress of inflammation. They want to suppress the activity of the immune system. Medications are given to reduce the vascular changes produced by scleroderma.

It is easily to recognize the symptoms of scleroderma. If you know the symptoms you can easily recognize them. If you notice some symptoms of scleroderma, it is necessary to consult your physician. Early detection and right treatment can help to prevent the complications. Different people may have different symptoms of the disease. You can live a long life if symptoms are detected early in life and you start taking the right treatment for your disease. You will start noticing hard patches on your skin. These are oval in shape and may differ in size. The skin around may have a purplish appearance and this surely indicates the presence of scleroderma. It may be present in some parts of the body.

DMSO of dimethyl sulfoxide is also used for the treatment of scleroderma. It is an anti-fibrotic agent and helps in addressing the excessive production of collagen in the skin and other organs. DMSO helps in reducing the producing the collagen. It is also an effective remedy for reducing any kind of pain that may arise due to fibrosis in the tissues. It prevents inflammation of the joints. You can use DMSO as an external application as it is quickly absorbed by the skin and helps in dissolving the hard tissues quickly and also gives you relief from pain.

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