How Dimethyl Sulfoxide is promoted for use?

Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of wood industry. When wood is used for making paper, it is obtained as a by-product. It has been used for various purposes. Experts say that it can be used to treat cancers. It can stop or slow down the progress of cancer in different parts of the body. Some people promote this for cleaning the cell membranes and decreasing the effect of cancer causing substances. It is also believed to enhance the effect of the chemotherapeutic drugs. It combines with the drugs and carries them easily to the target organ. It also acts as a scavenger for the free radicals that are cancer causing cells present in the body. It is also promoted in different forms for controlling pain and inflammation. It is medically approved in the United States for the treatment of inflammation of the bladder.

As an alternative therapy for the treatment of different types of cancers it is available in different health food stores and on the internet. It can be applied locally as a gel, in the liquid form or roll on form. It can also be taken orally or through intravenous injection. Strength of DMSO AU and dosage may vary depending upon the severity of the disease.
It has been used as an industrial solvent for many years. Dr. Stanley Jacob studied the medicinal properties of DMSO. And it was approved for the treatment of inflammatory condition of bladder in 1970s. Recent research studies have shown that it is an effective carrier agent for many chemotherapeutic drugs. It helps to enhance the action by carrying them to the required organ.

It is also used in the laboratories. It is used to dissolve the substances that do not dissolve easily in water. It produces an excellent effect in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation of the affects part. Sometimes it produces garlic like taste on the breath due to which people stop using this product. One should carefully choose the products because some companies mix this industrial solvent with other chemicals to enhance its effectiveness. These chemicals can produce side effects. One should use this product after consulting with the physician. He can suggest the right dosage and product. You can enjoy the health benefits of Buy Dimethyl Sulfoxide by its right use at the right time. It should be diluted before applying it directly on the skin and read the instructions carefully before using any product.


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